Tickers Music Mania Available Nov - April. (Other Dates Limited) NO Travel Charge!

Celebrating 21Years Of Family Friendly Entertainment

We are currently not  able to take any more events for the summer of 2019. We have dates available after October.

Your search lead us to you, lets find out why.

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  • Tickers Music Mania, Wyomings most interactive Mobile DJ is 
  • Available Nov. thru April (limited dates other times of the year)
    Here you will find a lot of information like: Where we travel. When we're  available.  What all we bring. An idea of what sets us above your average "DJ"

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  • Click below for photos of past shows we've done. 
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  • 307.333.4388

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  • Remember the old saying, "You get what you pay for", Don't settle for a run of the mill, cheap DJ. Chances are you may regret paying for "cheap-ness".
  • Don't put your event to chance. Call us today 307.333.43388.
  • Tickers Music Mania is available October - April.

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