Tickers Music Mania Available Nov - April. (Other Dates Limited) NO Travel Charge!

About Tickers Music Mania

A Quick History About Tickers Music Mania

   When Ticker was 25, he started working at another radio station in  Gillette WY.  He talked with a friend in Gillette about what it would  take to start a DJ service, she said, "here's a catalog if your interested just call them and you'll be on your way."  he did just  that.  He saw the prices of equipment and was trying to find a way to  pay for it. Ticker ended up selling his Firebird to get his first real system.

  Ticker slowly started getting more and more experience and with the extra money he was making he was re-investing it into Tickers Music Mania.  Buying more and more equipment. Speakers, music, props, and dance lights as well as attending numerous conventions. He is really "drawn towards the light"

   Since  1998 Ticker has taken "Tickers Music Mania" and  has grown  to become a highly sought after Entertainment company and has been labeled as, Wyoming's most interactive Mobile DJ. Ticker could not have gone as far as he has with out God. 

Does Experience Really Count?

Most definitely. Tickers Music Mania has fine tuned everything from delivery of words, to the right music selections, as well as being able to get your guests up and, break the ice, to ensure your event goes better then you thought possible.

  Don't chance your special day to the cheapest or less experienced "DJ". For 20 years Tickers Music Mania has been preparing for YOUR event.  

Tell Me More!

    What would you like to know? With Tickers Music Mania, Wyomings most interactive Mobile DJ, no matter where your event, we would be honored to be part of it.

    We serve all of Wyoming, northern Colorado, western Nebraska, and   southern Montana with no travel charge, no set up or tear down fee's, absolutely no hidden charges. We bring a minimum of 17 professional dance lights, ample professional sound, interaction appropriate for all ages, and of course, experience. 

  When experience matters, call Tickers Music Mania 307.333.4388

(Available November - April. Very limited dates other times of the year)

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