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After 21 Years Is This, The End?

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Since 1998

Tickers Music Mania started in 1998, 22 years ago. We started out with barely a glorified home stereo and three sound activated dance lights. The first event we did was for Napa in Gillette and their Christmas party. Fast forward 22 years and?

The Saga Continues

Ticker, poured his heart into Tickers Music Mania. Performing at Weddings, Dances, Parties, Proms, Class reunions, Grand openings, etc. increasing and investing back into Tickers Music Mania. Growing as a business should.

  Entertaining at over 3000 events, it was in 2012 that Ticker felt the affects of a personal "blow".  His desire to continue on performing was hit hard. Would it show in the quality?

Uh Oh.. This Doesn't Sound Good

Ticker hid the affects of the "blow" in every show. However the affects had quickly taken its toll on his desire to make Tickers Music Mania, Wyoming's Most Interactive Mobile DJ. 

Yeah? Then What?

Ticker started, literally, "soul searching" for what would be his next "fix". What would it be that he would find to have a passion for? What could he do that he would be "whole" again? 

OH MY WORD! Am I Reading A Soap Opera Or What?

Longer story short, in 2013 Ticker took a chance at one of his life long dreams. A mobile restaurant. Taking the years of experiences in life, customer service, radio, business owner, DJ and passion for cooking, opened, Casper's first official food truck, Rockin Burgers N Dogs. 


Sooooo? No More Tickers Music Mania?

Ticker has been thru a LOT with Rockin Burgers N Dogs. The ridiculousness of city government, cold miserable winters, setting up and tearing down day after day after day to build his new business. A lot of very successful events, marketing, creative menu items (some worked, some didn't.... ohhh, some didn't) In the end? It's Tickers passion to take his food truck, Rockin Burgers N Dogs, to the "next level". 

  That is where we come back to Tickers Music Mania. In order for Ticker to focus on the next level of Rockin Burgers N Dogs, it's with a sadden, but excited heart, we all but close this chapter of Tickers Music Mania. 

  Those who know Ticker know, that he will always have his equipment and will never completely shut down Tickers Music Mania. However, doing events will be far and in between. What does that mean exactly? The events Ticker will do with Tickers Music Mania will be personally known events friends or past acquaintances. 

 Soon, Tickers Music Mania's domain will take you directly to, or  forward to, Rockin Burgers N Dogs, but at least now you know the, "rest of the story". 

A Personal Note

To all those that let me entertain you for the past 21 years, I want to personally say, Thank you! 

I saw a lot of laughter, smiles, tears and memories as couples married, friends were made, and friends joined together. It has been a lot of fun. Seeing kids at what was the "sewer parties" AS kids, to doing their sweet 16's to even their weddings! ................................................................THANK YOU. 

Thank YOU for letting me be part of your celebration, THANK YOU for letting me be part of your life. 

Take Care, God Bless, See Ya,..................Ticker.

Pssssst! One more thing, when you click HERE and see where we are with Rockin Burgers N Dogs, or if you are in Casper (or wherever we may be) PLEASE, stop by and say hi!